Lothario Dell'Albera Silver Pastori CGN

                          Dam: Orzia Dell'Albera

          Sire: CH Lindoro Dell'Albera Silver Thunder


 Lothario came to us in 2005 from PA and travelled to Nova Scotia where he grew up on a farm with goats, horses, chickens and an English Springer Spaniel, Australian Cattle dog and several cats. He has always been an old and gentle soul even as a puppy. His very gentle mouth was able to carry day old chicks across the barn safely to a new location. His temperament is golden and he is loving to all living creatures. He is a quiet and independent boy who loves to cuddle but also loves to sleep by the front door at night, always protecting our home and our family. He has a beautiful coat and he turns heads wherever he goes. As my introduction to the breed, Lothario will forever hold a very special place in my heart.

Every time the wind blows I will think of you....


Forever a part of me

 Chique Soave Classic Mezzanotte

DOB: 11/24/2005

Dam: Tempeluddens Cloe Dell'Albera

Sire: Chique Shining Topaz

Mezza came to us from England. She also grew up on the farm with Lothario and friends and from the very beginning was a serious but intensely loving little girl. Mezza has always been more interested in snuggling than any other activity and even today, it's her favorite thing to do. Mezza has healing powers and has touched the lives of so many people through her kindness and love. She has a way of knowing how to comfort and how to share her love in a very profound way. What is unique about this is that she shares these qualities with everyone she meets, not only her family. She is a fantastic mother and many of her puppies have carried on her kind demeanor. 


NAKC CH Alp Angel's Anthea Dell'Albera

DOB: 7/13/2007

 Dam: Chique Soave Classic Mezzanotte

Sire: Lothario Dell'Albera Silver Pastori

Anthea is the daughter of Lothario and Mezza. She was our own bred female from our first litter. She is smart and full of spunk.  Anthea runs, jumps and flies through the air with such grace and beauty. She is adorable and lovable and smart enough to be a little mischievous. She is hilarious and has a real sense of humor. She tells jokes and then laughs at them. She adores children and has been an amazing and very capable mother to her puppies. She never forgets a person she meets. It is very hard not to smile when I look at her. She is so loved.

AKC GCH Bergishe Bergamasker Amira

DOB: 2/25/2012

 Dam: Villrosebakken Dea

Sire: Luigi Di Valle Scrivia

Amira came to us from Germany. A little fluffball, I took her our of her crate at the airport and fell in love. Amira is in a word, FIERCE. She is strong, athletic, agile and quiet. Amira does everything with intensity. She is loyal, devoted and deeply attached to her family. She loves all people and children and is always calm and thinks through any situation. She will do anything for those she loves and loves with all heart. My shadow and my Goddess forever. Amira has recently earned her AKC Grand Championship and is an excellent example of breed standard.

Alp Angel's Faggia Dell'Albera 

 DOB: 2/13/2014

 Dam: GCH Bergishe Bergamasker Amira

Sire: Alp Angel's Cosimo Dell'Albera

Our bred daughter of Amira and Cosimo. Playful and silly, she is always ready to have a good time. Faggia like her mother, is loyal to her family and protective. She loves to hug and watch T.V. so she can bark at the animals in every show. She is fast and agile and can clear a 4 ft fence.  She spends most of her time wrestling with her mother and leaping over objects which they love to do together. She loves to hike and be outdoors no matter the weather. She is a total love. Faggia is an amazing example of the breed standard and we are excited about her new show career.

 Herdabout Jericho Dell'Albera

 DOB: 12/11/2016

Dam: Artemis De Casa Della Malia

Sire: GCH Herdabout Fidelio Dell'Albera


Call name: Chuisano


Chuisano is our newest additon to the family and was named after the town in Italy that Joe's father comes from. We are looking forward to all the great things he will do.




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