About Us

 I have been involved with the Bergamasco breed since 2004. My first Bergamasco Lothario, came to me from Silver Pastori. I lived in Nova Scotia on a goat farm at the time and worked with the Bergamascos to drive the goats into the barn at night and stay on the property during the day. Since Lothario, my life has never been the same. Once you have a love affair with a Bergamasco, you will always crave that kind of deep love. This is how I ended up with a house full of dogs that share our bed, our routines and our lives. My devotion and passion for this special breed is a life long journey. For I can never imagine life without a Bergamasco to share it with.

 After years of acting as the Vice President of the Bergamasco Sheepdog Club of America, I am happy to assume the role of President of the club. As our club President, I will continue to support the mission of the club by fostering careful growth of our breed in this country.

 The Dell'Albera line of Bergamascos has been carefully bred in the United States to maintain the wonderful characteristics of this line and the AKC and BSCA standards. Through my breedings and involvements in the Bergamasco world, I have made rewarding friendships and connections with people who are passionate about Bergamascos and their wonderful dogs.

 After many years of patience and persistence, the Bergamasco is now fully recognized as an AKC breed. This is a huge accomplishment for a breed so rare and protected. The Bergamasco still remains elusive, and only its families are privy to the joy and wonder that they bring. My mission and the mission of the BSCA remains to maintain the integrity of the Bergamasco in health, temperament, standard and lineage.


We have recently relocated to Durham, Connecticut in the U.S.A and live on a farm with our five Bergamascos, two Norwegian Fjord Horses and goats.  We feel it is important and beneficial for our Bergamascos to live as they were intended, among livestock. 






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